New York Times mentions AnyStop in article about Transit Apps

Bob Tedeschi covered anystop in an article published June 2, 2010 on the New York Times website. It appeared in the National print edition June 3, 2010, on page B1.

AnyStop is also easy to use but requires a network connection for its better features. In one, it relies on a device’s GPS function to deduce the user’s location and compare that with train and bus locations to calculate the arrival time to the station closest to the user.

Such arrival predictions are available for almost half of AnyStop’s cities, including the Muni lines of San Francisco and mass transit in Boulder, Colo.

Brendan Nee, one of AnyStop’s developers, said the app was best suited to those who already knew their routes, and wanted to optimize the timing of their journeys. In that respect, longer-term visitors and commuters will find it more useful than tourists.

We’re excited for the publicity

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Streetsblog mentions Anystop on quest for best app for checking MUNI arrival times

AnyStop made Streetsblog SF’s list of real time transit apps.

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QR codes now available

All of the AnyStop application pages now include QR codes that you can scan with your barcode scanner app on your Android phone. Scanning a code is quick and easy and will take you right to the Application’s download page in the Android Marketplace on your device. Try it with the code above (its for British Colombia Transit).